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Getting Started

Start streaming in less than 5 minutes

Account, Billing & Subscription Management

Learn about Castr's trial plan, changing password, canceling or upgrading your subscription

Live Stream

Create a live stream project, tips for smoother stream, get HLS URL, and more

Video Hosting

Upload videos to Castr and get HLS URL for your uploaded videos.

Pre-Recorded Video Live Streaming

Upload and stream pre-recorded videos live using Castr Pre Recorded Live Stream Scheduler

Video Monetization

Earn money with livestreaming easily with Castr Paywall and In-stream Advertising.

Castr OTT Mobile App

A white-label OTT app to showcase live streams and video on demand content on mobile devices.

Encoder & Streaming Software Setup

Setting up popular streaming softwares with Castr.

Streaming Destinations

Set up guides to start streaming to multiple platforms.


A curated list of the most commonly asked questions by Castr customers

IP Camera Streaming

Connect IP Camera to Castr using RTSP protocol. Record and live stream IP Camera feed to website and multiple social platforms at the same time.

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Castr Showcase

Create video galleries to showcase your brand

TV Playout

Create Playlists using your contents

Custom CDN