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Which TV Playout Mode is for you?
Which TV Playout Mode is for you?

Find your sweet spot for stream with our scheduling mode.

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In the TV Playout system, there are three distinct scheduling modes available for broadcasting content: Daily, Weekly, and Line-up mode. Below, we’ll help you determine which mode is best suited for your specific needs.

Line-up Mode: Ideal for Sequential Content Streaming

If your goal is to broadcast a series of programs one after the other, where each piece of content starts playing immediately after the previous one finishes (for example, Content 1 is followed by Content 2, then Content 3, and so forth), then the Line-up mode is the perfect choice for you.

Here’s how to use Line-up mode effectively:

  1. Arrange your content in the desired order.

  2. Schedule your content within the system.

You can learn more here.

Daily Mode: Perfect for Scheduled Content Throughout the Day

If your broadcasting plan involves streaming different shows at specific times throughout a single day — for instance, Content 1 is scheduled for 1 PM, Content 2 for 3 PM, and Content 3 for 9 PM — then Daily mode is your go-to option.

To use Daily mode efficiently:

  1. Add your content to the daily schedule.

  2. Position each content item at its precise playback time on the timetable.

Learn more here.

Weekly Mode: Tailored for Varied Weekly Programming

For those looking to schedule various programs at distinct times across the week — say, Content 1 at 1 PM on Sunday, Content 2 at 3 PM on Monday, Content 3 at 9 PM on Thursday, and so on — Weekly mode offers the scheduling flexibility you need.

Here's how to navigate Weekly mode:

  1. Place your content on the timetable corresponding to the appropriate day of the week.

  2. Drag each content item to its designated time slot.

Learn more here.

Our TV Playout feature is designed to make scheduling your streams straightforward and efficient. We're excited for you to experience the ease of managing your broadcasts with our intuitive system.

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