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TV Playout: Line Up Mode
TV Playout: Line Up Mode

Stream contents one after another effortlessly

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With the Line Up Mode, effortlessly queue up your content for continuous play. This intuitive feature simplifies the process, eliminating the need for scheduling each piece of content. Just set up the first in line, and the rest will follow automatically.

This mode enhances the convenience found in pre-recorded streams, offering greater flexibility without constraints on file size. Forget the complexities of CBR encoding; our Video Hosting platform's automatic transcoding handles all the technicalities, ensuring your streams are optimized and ready to broadcast without any extra steps.

To get started with the Line up mode:

  1. Select the Lineup mode from the dropdown

  2. Set the date and time for when you want the stream to happen

  3. Select the scheduling mode:

    1. One-time: the playout will end once all the contents are played

    2. Loop: the playout will continue playing the contents till the end date is reached

  4. Destination: Select the All In One stream where you want the playout to stream to

  5. Advanced Settings: Set the resolution and FPS for the outgoing stream. This is available for Ultra plans only.

  6. Contents: Add VOD or livestreaming contents. Livestreaming contents' duration can be edited and it cannot be less than 2 minutes.

  7. Set Schedule: One everything is set, hit Set Schedule button to fire up the playout.

Note: Only 10 hours of contents can be added, if you want to add more, contact Sales team.

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