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Creating and Managing Sub-Accounts on Your Dashboard
Creating and Managing Sub-Accounts on Your Dashboard

With sub-accounts on Castr, Account Owners can add multiple users to their accounts and assign different streams to each user

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What is Sub-Account?

Sub-account allows Account Owners to add multiple users to their accounts and assign different streams to each user.

Who is Sub-Account for?

If you need to manage multiple streaming projects for multiple clients or partners, Sub-account is for you

As an account owner, you can purchase a large number of concurrent streams, bandwidth, and storage all at once, then allocate them to each client's specific streams.

Your clients will not be able to see your account's billing. They can only manage the streams that you assign to them.

Getting Started with Sub-Accounts

Deciding on the Requirements

Talk to our sales team:

  1. How many clients are you inviting?

  2. How much bandwidth do you expect?

We'll also make sure all the other important details are sorted out. After you agree and pay, we'll set up your account based on your needs.

Inviting Clients and Assigning Streams

After setting up your account, create the required number of All-in-One streams and give them unique names so they can be easily managed and assigned.

Then, invite your clients as Moderators by going to Teams from the Sidebar Menu.

Set up the moderator's permissions as seen in the image below,

Click on "Next Step" and select the streams you want your client to have. Then, follow the instructions to finish the process.

An invite will be sent to your client's email address which they need to accept to join your team. Once they join, they can only see the stream you assigned them.

Using sub-accounts will make your work easier and improve your client experience. If you need help, contact our support team anytime.

Have fun streaming!

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