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Setting Up Castr Team and Manage Your Team Members
Setting Up Castr Team and Manage Your Team Members

How to add members to your Castr account to manage streams and video content collaboratively.

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What is Castr Team?

With the 'Team feature' on Castr, you can invite other colleagues to join your team and give them a specific role. On Castr, you and the other people on your team can work together to access and manage your streams and videos.

Castr Team is included with Professional or higher plans. (If you have a legacy plan, you can still access this feature if you have All in One Premium or higher plans)

Roles and Permissions in Castr Team

In the Team, there are 3 Types of Roles:

  • Owner: This is the person who owns the account. They can do anything with their account.

  • Admin: This role is given by the owner. Admins can do almost everything like the owner except invite people or change the roles of others.

  • Moderator: This role is also given by the owner. Moderators can do some things that are allowed by the owner or admins.

Permissions in A Team:

When you're on a team, only Moderators can have customizable permissions. Admins and Owners have full permission to do everything including Live-streaming, Pre-recorded Streaming, Video Hosting, Paywall, Billing, Developers, and Sub accounts.

You can check the picture below to see the full list of permissions:

Create Your Team, Invite Members, and Start Streaming Together

Follow these steps to start working with a team on Castr:

  1. First, click on "Account Settings" in the upper right corner. Then, click on "Team" and choose "Create Team."

2. Pick and save a name for your team.

3. Click on "Invite Member", enter their Name & Email Address and assign them a role to invite them to join your team.

If you assign a moderator role for the new member, you can select which permissions the moderator should have.

4. The person you've asked will get an invitation to join your team.

5. You can start streaming together once everyone has been invited.

Note: If someone is on more than one team, they can switch by picking the right team from the top bar.

Sharing specific streams with moderators

If you have Premium or higher plans, you can decide and limit which streams your moderators can view and access. (If you have a legacy plan, you can still access this feature if you have All in one Business or higher plans)

After choosing the permissions for the moderator on the previous step, you can choose which streams the moderator can access, and sent them an invitation by clicking "Send Invite."

The moderator you invited will only be able to use the streams you picked.

Managing Member Accounts in Castr Team

If you're on a team, the owner can enable or disable a team member's role or turn off their functions.

The owner can also get rid of a member from the team settings permanently.

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