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What is Paywall? How to use Castr to start earning money from your livestreams? All you need to know about Castr Paywall.

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Introducing Castr Paywall

Paywall is our monetization tool to help Castr users earn money with livestreaming easily. This feature is currently applied for Live Streams and Video Hosting files.

Castr will provide an URL that links to the new Protected Player Page with an enabled Paywall for your stream, which can be embedded on any website or accessed directly with an URL. After a viewer has signed up and made a payment using a credit card, Stripe will process your revenue from Paywall.

To learn more about Stripe's payment process, please check out their guides.

At the moment, Castr does not apply any revenue commission for the Paywall feature.

Payment Types

Castr Paywall supports two types: Pay-per-view and Collect emails only.

  • Pay-per-view: The pricing you set for the stream is the amount your viewers have to pay to get access. Paid viewers will have unlimited access to the stream for a duration of one year.

  • Collect emails only: Set a free paywall to collect viewer's emails. You can leverage this model and use the information promote your streams.

If you are using a 7-day free trial account, you can only use the Collect emails only model in Paywall. Upgrade to an paid account to unlock other Payment Types.

Manage Subscriptions in the Paywall Tab

We have added a new Paywall tab next to the Video Hosting tab in the top bar. This is where you can view all of your purchasers, monetized streams, and viewer information.

  • Transactions: View all transaction records, including the time and date, stream name, customer email, payment currency, payment amount, and subscription status.

  • All Streams with Paywall: Include the Paywall enabled streams, enabling time and date, paywall type, currency, the total payments, refunds and total earnings of each stream.

  • Users: See all signed up viewers, with the list of streams, subscriber's names and emails, plus time of subscription.

  • Payment Method: View the connection status of your Stripe account with Castr Paywall.

  • Brand Settings: Make sure all monetized streams are unified with your brand. Paywall branding includes the stream’s player page and the emails your audiences receive after they signed up. Learn more

Enjoy your new monetized stream with Castr! If you have more questions, please reach out to our 24/7 support.

Learn more about Paywall:

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