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How to Set up Paywall for a Live stream
How to Set up Paywall for a Live stream

The Paywall feature uses Castr HTML5 player, which can be embedded on any website or accessed directly with an URL.

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If you don't like reading long instructions, watch this video for a quick tutorial!


  • Stripe account for receiving payment

Set up Paywall for a stream

To turn on Paywall for a specific stream, go to the Paywall settings in the stream’s dashboard.

The first and most important step to enable paywall is to connect with a Stripe account. Stripe is used for processing payments and receiving money from your viewers.

Once your Stripe account is connected, you can start enabling paywall for your stream from the dashboard.

Step 1: Choose a Payment Type

Step 2: If you choose the Pay per view model, enter the currency and pricing you want for this stream. This is how much each of your viewers has to pay to get access to the live video.

Step 3: Click Activate Paywall

Step 4: Castr will provide an URL that links to the new Protected Player Page with an enabled Paywall for your stream.

Remember to use the correct URL to use the protected player with a Paywall.

Note: You can update new pricing anytime you want. However, paid viewers prior to the pricing update would still have access to the stream without being notified.

Note: The currency of a paywall cannot be updated once it has been fixed.

Learn more about Paywall:

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