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Streaming Live To Facebook Using Castr - Facebook API Integration
Streaming Live To Facebook Using Castr - Facebook API Integration

Stream Live Directly To Facebook Using Castr Facebook API Integration

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Castr is integrated with Facebook API and it's available in the Multistream Plus plan and above.

If you have one of the above plans then you will be able to connect and stream to Facebook without manually configuring the platform each time.

Follow these steps to link your Facebook Account with Castr. 

  1. Create a new Multistream (Simulcast) or All in One Stream

  2. Click Add Publish Platform

  3. Choose Facebook Live

  4. Click Continue with Facebook

  5. After your Facebook account is linked, choose the page / profile which you want to stream live with and type a description for the stream as well. 

  6. Click on Save to add the platform

 Note: When you add Facebook as a platform, you will be given and option to toggle "Enable Continuous Streaming." With this option enabled, you can stream longer than 240 minutes but the video will not be saved in Facebook. If you have this disabled, the maximum length of the video that you can stream to Facebook will be 240 minutes.


  • Starting June 10th, 2024, Facebook will require Facebook accounts to be at least 60 days old and Facebook Pages to have at least 100 followers to stream live on Facebook.

  • You must be the page owner or admin to add it to Castr.

  • Facebook's maximum stream length is 8 hours.

  • You need a paid Castr plan to stream on Facebook Pages.

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