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Monetize your contents easily using Paywall

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Monetize your live streams or hosted videos with the Paywall feature. Castr will generate a URL linking to the newly created Protected Player Page, featuring an activated Paywall for your stream. This page can be directly accessed via the URL. Once a viewer registers and completes a payment using a credit card, Stripe will handle the processing of your revenue generated through the Paywall.

To learn more about Stripe's payment process, please check out their guides.

How to create a paywall?

To create your paywall, first you must connect it with your Stripe account.

Once connected, click on Create Paywall and fill up the necessary fields:

Note: Currently, we support only the Pay Per View payment option. We plan to introduce Subscription-based payments in the near future

Note: After the paywall has been established, the currency setting cannot be modified. However, you have the flexibility to adjust the amount and the source

The source for the paywall can be either a live stream or Video On Demand (VOD) content. After completing the required fields, click on 'Create paywall' to proceed.

Paywall Interface

The paywall will be presented like this.

The paywall link can then be shared to your audiences.

The different tabs of Paywall are described below:

  1. Interface:

    1. Custom Poster: If your content has an embed poster, it will be automatically captured and shown on the paywall

    2. Logo: Add a logo for the paywall

  2. Settings: Company name and website can be added here. You can also set the support email here for the viewers to reach out in case of issues.

  3. Transactions: All the transactions associated for this paywall will be listed here. Refunds can be done from here as well.

  4. Customers: All the customers for this paywall will be listed here.

Temporary Access

Temporary access can be generated from here.

By setting an expiration date and time, a link will be generated that grants free access to the paywall until the specified expiration date and time.

Disabling a paywall

If you wish to prevent anyone from accessing the paywall, you can disable it using the option provided here.

Unlinking Stripe account

If you wish to switch to a different Stripe account, you can disconnect the current one by turning off the toggle in this section.

Note: Detaching your Stripe account will result in the removal of all existing paywalls and their associated information. However, your transaction and customer details will remain accessible through the previous Stripe account, but they will no longer be available on Castr

Plans and Commissions Table







Commission %






For example, if you make a sale of $100, Castr takes a 10% commission ($10), so you get $90. Then, Stripe's processing fees are deducted from the $90.

Important: This will be effective from March 20, 2024 onwards

Note: Using the paywall as a standalone page is strongly advised; embedding it within an iframe is not recommended.

Note: Each plan can create only 10 paywalls. If you want to create more, contact sales team.

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