Create clips from your stream on the fly and share to socials

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Utilizing the Highlights feature enables you to effortlessly create clips right from your livestream, allowing you to instantly share them across your social media platforms.

Begin by clicking on the 'Highlights' menu. Here, enter a title for your clip and select a currently active livestream to start creating your highlight.

The highlight feature begins capturing the live stream right when you start it. So, if you start making a highlight after the stream has been live for 2 hours, it will only include the newest parts of the stream, not the earlier 2 hours. the following screen will appear.

Note: The preview player for highlights shows at most the latest 1 hour of the live stream. This means if you make a highlight and the stream continues for another 2 hours, the highlight preview will only display the most recent hour of the stream.

As the livestream polling is in progress, you can swiftly add your social media accounts from this interface and follow the on-screen prompts to proceed.

Note: Regarding Facebook, clips cannot be posted on personal timelines. Therefore, only Facebook pages need to be added for sharing.

To understand how to create a clip and share it on social media, you can follow the instructions in the video provided below.

You can also download the clip right away after selecting a range from here.

To go back to the livestream feed, click on the Live button.

In the Beta phase, the Highlights feature is accessible across all plans, including the trial version.

Note: If you require more Highlights, please contact our sales team.

Note that once a stream is linked to a Highlight, it cannot be altered. If you wish to create a Highlight from a different stream, you must delete the existing Highlight and create a new one using the new stream as the source. Alternatively, you can reach out to our sales team to discuss increasing your Highlight capacity.


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