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How to Transcode your stream?
How to Transcode your stream?

Transcode your streams easily with our Transcoder feature

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What is a transcoder?

A transcoder adjusts a video stream's format, size, and quality to suit different devices and internet speeds. It creates multiple versions of a stream, so viewers get the best possible quality for their specific situation, ensuring smooth playback on any device.

How to configure a transcoder?

To create a transcoder, click on the Transcoder menu. Enter a name and select the closest region to you.

Copy the stream key and URL and paste it on your encoder and start the stream.

Configure your stream here:

If you want to keep the settings similar to the ingest, then toggle on the Copy from Input.

If not, then toggle it off and enter your preference.

Once done, click Save to confirm.

Now select a destination which is basically one of your existing All in One stream. Once done, you will also see the transcoded profile.

How to deinterlace or interlace a stream?

You can also choose to convert interlaced video to progressive using the Deinterlace toggle.

You can also do the opposite using the Interlace toggle.

How to split multiple incoming audio tracks?

If your stream includes multiple audio tracks and you need to separate them, utilize the 'Filter Track' feature. Choose the relevant track number, and then customize both the bitrate and volume as needed

Note: If the filter track is disabled, all audio channels will be directed to the transcoder, which will apply the specified bitrate and volume settings to all tracks. Additionally, be aware that selecting a track without audio will result in the outgoing stream from the transcoder having no audio

Maximum Allowed Parameters

The maximum/minimum values of the parameters are shown below:


Maximum Value

Minimum Value

Resolution: Width (pixels)



Resolution: Height (pixels)



Video Bitrate (kbps)



Audio Bitrate (kbps)






Plan Allocations

Plan Name

Number of Transcoder

Audio Splitting






Note: If you want more transcoders, reach out to sales team.

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