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Enjoy sub second latency streams with our new streams!

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Sub-Second Streaming represents a significant advancement beyond our Ultra Low Latency (ULL) technology. Unlike the ULL player, which faced limitations in mobile device compatibility, Sub-Second Streaming is designed to operate seamlessly across mobile platforms.

To create a Sub Second Stream, open the menu and click on create.

Name your stream and select a region that is closest to you.

Copy the RTMP URL and Key from here and paste it on your encoder.

Once the stream starts, open the player from here to enjoy the stream.

Note: To enjoy audio only stream, open the player from the Audio tab.

To ensure that your stream is stable we recommend the following:

  • Bitrate: 2000 kbps

  • Keyframe Interval: 2 seconds & Keyframe aligned

  • Rate Control: Constant Bit Rate (CBR)

  • Tune: Zero Latency

  • Profile: Baseline

Important: You can now create one sub-second stream by default. This stream includes an watermark and supports up to five concurrent viewers. We encourage you to test this feature within the existing constraints. Once you're satisfied, feel free to contact our Sales team, who can assist in removing the watermark and discuss your needs for additional sub-second streams and the expected viewer capacity.

Note: The Sub Second Latency can only be enjoyed using our player. If streamed to social media, it will be normal latency.

Hope to see how you use our Sub Second Streams can let your viewers enjoy streams in real-time!

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