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Create Playlist for Your Content
Create Playlist for Your Content
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What Is A Playlist?

A playlist allows you to curate and organize your chosen content items into a sequential list. This list can then be shared with your viewers, enabling a guided and tailored content consumption experience for them.

How to Create a Playlist

Click on 'Create Playlist' and enter the name of your playlist.

The different sections of the Playlist

The sections of the playlist are described below:

  1. List: This section displays the list of playlists created by you.

  2. Create Playlist: This allows you to create more playlists.

  3. Enable/Disable: This allows the playlist to be enabled or disabled.

  4. Ellipsis: This houses the option to delete

  5. Content Section: This shows your VOD and Livestream content, which can be dragged into the Playlist zone.

  6. Playlist Zone: This serves as the designated space for arranging content and generating new playlists.

  7. Embed: Settings for the playlist can be altered here:

    1. Autoplay next item: This enables the playlist to automatically transition to the following content once the ongoing content ends.

    2. Loop: After playing the final content, the playlist will play the initial content.

    3. Links: Links for direct player links and iframes are available here.

How to add contents?

To add content to the Playlist Zone, simply drag content from the 'Content Section' to the 'Playlist Zone'.

Once the content has been added, your playlist is ready to be shared.

Plan Allocation

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Note: If you want to create more playlists, contact our sales team.

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