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Add Chapters to your VOD
Add Chapters to your VOD

Simplify the organization of your video by dividing it into sections, making it easier for your audience to navigate.

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Video chapters lets you break up a video into sections. It adds information and context to each portion of the video and lets your viewers easily navigate and rewatch different parts of the video.

This feature is particularly useful for lengthy videos, such as tutorials, lectures, where users may want to revisit specific topics and review key points.

Cue points in your video serve as visual chapter previews that allow your viewers to navigate and jump to specific parts they wish to watch.

To add video chapters:

1. Access a video from your VOD folders

2. To add chapters for the video, click on "Add Chapters", select the timestamp, and also name the chapter.

Repeat this process if you want to add more chapters

Once finished, click "Save".

3. Now open the player, and you will see the cue points for your video.

You can also see all the chapters by simply clicking the top-right icon.

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