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Generate Captions for VOD
Generate Captions for VOD

Add captions to your videos to enhance viewer's experience

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The captions feature lets you include captions in your videos.

You have the option to generate automatic captions in real-time, perfectly synchronized with the audio, or manually add a subtitle file to your video.

By including captions and subtitles, you enhance the viewing experience for your audience, making it more immersive and accessible to everybody.

To enable captions, open a video from your VOD folder and click on the 'Captions Tab'.

You can now click on 'Generate Captions Using AI' to start the process of generating captions for your video.

The captions generated by AI will be in English only. For the best performance of the caption generated, the video needs to have English audio.

For videos in a different language, it is recommended to upload a .srt or .vtt file for the best outcome. Before uploading the file, you need to select the language. The selected language will be displayed in the captions of the video player.

The player offers customization for the caption interface. The viewer can access the settings here:


Note: Currently, the caption feature is exclusively available for VOD files and does not support Live-to-VOD files.

Note: AI Generation is currently unable to process files that exceed 2GB in size or have a duration longer than 4 hours. To ensure the inclusion of captions, kindly upload the corresponding subtitles.

Captions are accessible for all Paid Plans but are not included in Trial Plans.

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