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How to create a Dynamic Player
How to create a Dynamic Player

Create a player which will play both livestreams and VOD accordingly.

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1. What is Dynamic Player?

Previously, when you published a video or live stream, the embed code contained the ID of the stream to publish. If you need to change the video or live stream, you will have to change the embed code too. This can be a real hassle, especially if you have a lot of content to update.

With Dynamic Player, you don't have to worry about updating the embed codes anymore. You only need to embed the player once on your website, and then you can easily switch the content within the player without having to make any changes to the embed code.

2. Creating a Dynamic Player

To create a Dynamic Player, go to the sidebar menu and click on the Dynamic Player option.

Then, follow the prompts to create your Dynamic Player.

Once the player is created, select the source option (either a live stream or a VOD file). You need to have either a live stream or files uploaded in VOD to be able to select the content for the Dynamic Player.

Once a source has been selected, you can now copy the embed code or iFrame.

3. Customize the Dynamic Player

For the Dynamic Player, you can also customize the player.

  1. Player Interface:

    1. Custom Embed Poster: Add a poster for your Dynamic Player.

    2. Embed Watermark: Add a watermark for your Dynamic Player.

  2. Player Functions:

    1. Autoplay Embed Player: This will autoplay the content in Dynamic Player.

    2. Enable Google Analytics: Capture insights from your player in Google Analytics.

  3. Security

    1. Geo/Country Blocking: Disable your Dynamic Player for countries by blocking them.

    2. Geo/Country Whitelisting: Enable your Dynamic Player for certain countries only by whitelisting those countries.

    3. Enable Domain Whitelisting: Allow the Dynamic Player to be watched only on specific domains.

The player settings of the source will be overridden by the player settings set at Dynamic Player.

By default, each plan subscriber can only create one Dynamic Player. If you need more, please contact the Castr Sales team.

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