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Curate video content into visually appealing collections to share with your audience

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1. What is a Showcase?

Showcase is a tool that allows you to create custom video galleries to showcase your work, brand, or business.

With Castr Showcase, you can curate video content into visually appealing collections, customize the look and feel of the showcase galleries, and share them with your audience

2. Creating Your Showcase

To create a Showcase, just click on the โ€œShowcaseโ€ option in the sidebar menu.

Add videos or streams to your showcase by clicking on "Add Content" button and selecting the videos you want to include

Note: You can add either live stream or VOD files. If you want to add VODs, make sure the file is in mp4 format.

Once you've added the content, it will appear in your showcase.

To make your showcase gallery unique, you can change the way it looks by customizing certain things here.

To do this, go to the "Settings" section of your account and add things like a logo, a background image, a title, and a description.

To track how well the engagement of your Showcase is, you can connect it to Google Analytics.

After that, click on "Save Changes."

Click on "Show Preview" to preview your Showcase and make any final adjustments

3. Sharing your Showcase

If you're satisfied with it, you can make your Showcase available to the public by clicking on "Publish."

After you have generated a link, you can share it with the people you want to have access to the content.

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