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How to Connect Castr with vMix Using SRT

How to set up the SRT protocol and send the stream to Castr from vMix in a few steps.

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Streaming with the SRT protocol allows high-quality video delivery on any network quality, especially in inconsistent connections.

You can set up SRT streaming for your live stream on Castr. If you are looking to pull a stream from Castr using SRT for streaming with vMix, refer to this article.

How to Set Up SRT Streaming from vMix to Castr

  1. Make sure you are updated to the latest version of vMix.

  2. Get your SRT streaming URL from Castr.

  3. Open your vMix software.

  4. Open the External settings, and choose External Output Settings.

    vmix external input settings

  5. Select the Outputs/NDI/SRT Settings section

  6. Click the setting icon to start the Setup for Output

    Vmix SRT settings
  7. In the Output Setup, check the Enable SRT.

    From the the SRT URL generated by Castr, you can extract the Hostname, Port, and Stream ID details to put into vMix’s setup.

    Connect vmix with SRT

    For example, your SRT URL is similar to this:


    You can extract the Hostname, Port, and Stream ID like this


  8. Click OK, and you’re all set to go live.

We hope this article helps you stream smoothly with SRT and the vMix software on Castr. If you need further instruction, our support team is always happy to help!

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