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How to Live Stream to LinkedIn with Castr
How to Live Stream to LinkedIn with Castr

You can connect and multistream from Castr to LinkedIn using the RTMP Server and Key.

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Live streaming to LinkedIn and other social platforms is quick and easy with Castr's multistreaming features. To begin streaming to LinkedIn from Castr, you need to be an approved LinkedIn Live broadcaster.

If you are not yet an eligible broadcaster on LinkedIn, follow their instructions here to request your access to LinkedIn Live.

Connect and Live Stream to LinkedIn from Castr

First, go to and start a custom RTMP stream. You can choose to Go live now or Schedule for later.

Next, in the Create a post section, you can choose the streaming profile and the privacy settings for the event.

Add the description, title, and tags for your stream, and you've finished creating a new live stream on LinkedIn. Let's move on to the Stream Settings.

To get the Stream server URL and Stream Key from LinkedIn, you need to pick the closest region to you, then click Get URL.

Once you've got the Stream URL and Stream Key generated from LinkedIn, head over to your Castr account.

  • In the streaming dashboard, click Add Platform, then LinkedIn.

  • Enter the Server URL and Stream Key from LinkedIn, and click Create Platform.

You've completed the setup steps, Now let's start the stream from your streaming software for a test run.

When the stream is live, you can see the preview in both Castr's dashboard and LinkedIn's custom stream page.

Once you are good to go, click the Go live button on the upper right corner of LinkedIn's dashboard to start the live broadcast.


  • LinkedIn also offers scheduled streams. Make sure you choose Schedule for later when you are setting up the stream. You’ll get the RTMP URL and Stream Key one hour before your scheduled start time and Go live 15 minutes before your scheduled time.

  • LinkedIn does not support recording streams automatically. But you can rest assured that Castr records and generates VOD files for all of your streams. Remember to turn on the recording feature in the stream settings.

  • Check out LinkedIn's recommended encoder settings here to get the best quality.

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