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Introducing Castr OTT Mobile App for Video Streaming
Introducing Castr OTT Mobile App for Video Streaming

Castr OTT app is a white-label OTT app to showcase livestream and video on demand content customized for you and your audiences.

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What is it?

Castr OTT app is a customized mobile app that your viewers can download on Apple Store and Google Play store to conveniently browse and watch your Livestream and video files from Video Hosting.

The OTT app is customized just for you, so it only showcases your live streams and video content.

Here's a sneak peek of how the app would look like:

How to Get Your OTT App

You will need an active Castr plan as all OTT app controls and new content releases are managed from Castr's web dashboard. Note that setting up your OTT app also comes with a one-time extra cost.

Please reach out to our support team, and we'll walk you through the process. Once all details are finalized, we will develop the test version of the app in 24 hours. Next, Castr will publish the app on Apple Store and Google Play (which would take another 3-5 working days).

Click HERE to see Castr OTT app demo on the Google Play store (for a demo of the OTT app on an iOS device, please contact us). You can download the demo app to test it out and see how the app would look like when released.

What we need to build an OTT app for you

Make sure you are prepared with:

  • Your app logo

  • Short and long descriptions for the app stores

  • Your website URL

  • The app’s screenshots

  • A privacy policy

An Overview of How to Use Your OTT App

We have added a toggle for releasing and showcasing new content on the OTT app. Please find it in your Live stream and Video Hosting Settings and toggle on/off the button:

All in One Stream

Video Hosting file

You can also update a new logo for the OTT app as you go in your Account tab:


In this initial release, the app is mainly used for showcasing live stream and video files without the Paywall feature. However, you can rest assured that the Paywall for the OTT app is currently under development.

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