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How to Connect YouTube with Castr
How to Connect YouTube with Castr

How to add YouTube platform to stream from Castr using API connection or custom RTMP key.

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Setting Up YouTube for Livestreaming with Castr

  1. Create a Live Stream, or a Pre-recorded stream on Castr

  2. In the Dashboard, click Add Platform and choose YouTube

  3. You have two options for adding the YouTube platform: Automatically using API or manually using Streaming Server and Key.

  • Using API: Click Connect to YouTube Events. If you are signed in to a Google account, choose your channel, and Castr will connect automatically. Go back to Castr and choose an event, add a title and description then click Create Platform.

  • Using RTMP Server and Key: Get the stream server and key from YouTube.

In the streaming dashboard, choose YouTube > Setup with Server/Key. Paste the Key from YouTube, then click Create Platform.

If you connect using the stream key, you will have to edit the stream description in YouTube's dashboard.

Tip: It is recommended to toggle off the added platforms when your stream is offline. You can toggle them on again when the stream source is live from your encoder. This helps avoid any connection problems when you go live on the same platforms again.

Castr also supports adding Custom platforms using the RTMP server and key in case you want to add more than one YouTube channel.

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