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How to live stream with multiple guests with Zoom, OBS, and Castr
How to live stream with multiple guests with Zoom, OBS, and Castr

This article will walk through how to stream with multiple guests on your livestream using Zoom, OBS and Castr.

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Many users want to livestream with multiple guests in video, like an interview or a webinar. This article will show you how to set up Zoom with OBS and stream it with Castr.

At the end of this guide, you'll be able to stream a pretty nice-looking scene with multiple guests that looks like this:

Four Simple Steps to Stream with Multiple Guests

Step 1: Install a plugin that helps to put together multiple audio outputs (if you are using a Mac).

Ignore this step if you are using a windows device

Download and follow through the steps in this article to install the plugin:

Step 2: Start a Zoom meeting, invite all guests into the meeting

Important: All guests must join the meeting prior to the next steps, otherwise it will mess up the whole setting.

Step 3: Use OBS to add background, text; and add your guests to the video

a. Add Background

  • Let's say you want to do a webinar with 2 speakers; the first thing to do is to create a beautiful background for your video and add it to OBS.

  • To add the background image, click on the + (Add) button in the Sources panel, choose Image.

  • Feel free to download our background images here.

b. Add your guests to the video

  • To add guests, click on the Add button > Display Capture (it's going to display the whole window of your zoom call)

  • The next step is to resize and crop the guest's image. Simply drag to resize, and press Alt + left-click to crop the image.

c. Add Text

Next, let's add some text by clicking on the Add button again > choose Text (Free Type 2)

d. Add aggregate audio output

Remember to switch to "iShowU Audio" on both your computer and OBS. This helps to make sure the multiple audio output is aggregated.

There you go, now you have the makings of a pretty nice-looking scene for your live stream. Now let's add one more step to stream your video to multiple social platforms at once.

Step 4: Connect OBS with Castr and livestream to multiple platforms

Check out this article on how to connect OBS with Castr, and the recommended settings.

Or you can follow the steps in the gif below to get a sense of how easy it is to set it up. Basically, all you need to do is copy the stream key from Castr, paste it onto OBS, and then click Start Streaming.

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