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How to Set Up and Manage Branding in Paywall
How to Set Up and Manage Branding in Paywall

This article will focus on customizing, adding, and editing your branding details for monetized streams.

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What is Branding in Castr Paywall?

Branding Settings includes the name, logo, and website address of your company that will be displayed in the emails and paywall-protected livestream page.

When new viewers register for an account and complete payment, they will receive confirmation and get access details for the protected stream through emails.

The Settings tab in the Paywall dashboard allows you to add your company/business details to customize and send out emails under your brand. Add your company name and website and upload a logo picture, then Castr will take care of the rest.

How to Setup Company Branding for Protected Streams in Paywall

In the Settings tab, enter your Company Name and Company Website.

Then, upload a photo of your brand's logo from the Interface tab.

Finally, click Save to ensure all changes are saved.

Note: Make sure your logo is 120x50px (120: width, 50: height) in the .png format.

The Company name and logo you set will appear when:

  • Verify email for viewers: When a viewer registers for a new account to access your stream, they will have to verify their email address.

  • Receipt email for new payment: After a viewer has successfully made a payment for your protected stream, they will receive an Order Receipt email along with the stream’s URL.

  • Protected stream player: Where your viewers access and start watching your stream.

You can test out your paywall setup to see how it looks when delivered to your audiences. If you need further help, please contact our 24/7 support team.

Learn more about Paywall:

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