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How Viewers Sign Up and Get Access to Paywall Protected Streams
How Viewers Sign Up and Get Access to Paywall Protected Streams

How to help your viewers sign up, make payments, and get access to monetized streams on Castr.

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When accessing a Paywall-enabled stream, all viewers must sign up for an account or sign in to an existing account.

You can find the Paywall tab in your stream Dashboard. Once Paywall is enabled for a stream, Castr will generate a URL to the protected player page for you to give your audiences.

When new viewers access your paid stream, they will have to signup for a viewer account and make a payment to continue. Signing up is simple, with basic information like name, email, and password required.

One account can subscribe to multiple monetized streams. Therefore, your viewers can use the same account to purchase future streams on Castr. They can also view their account information and subscription status right on the stream page.

Note: Viewers cannot share their paid accounts with other people, as Castr has session limitations. A paid viewing account can only log in and watch the stream from one IP address only.

After the viewer has signed in, they can complete the payment to access the stream. Currently, Castr only accepts Credit cards payment.

If the payment is successful, the viewer has unlimited access to the stream for one year.

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