Since Twitter has officially shut down Periscope at the end of March 2021, Castr has integrated Twitter as a streaming platform as a replacement.

Follow this tutorial to start livestreaming to Twitter and other social media platforms using Castr.

Create a new broadcast on Twitter

  1. Sign in to your Twitter account

  2. Go to > Choose Create broadcast

  3. Enter a name and select a category for your Twitter stream

  4. In Source, choose Create a new source

5. Enter a name for the new source, and choose the closest Region to your location > Create

6. You've finished creating a new broadcast project on Twitter with new RTMP details, including RTMP URL, RTMPS URL, and a Stream Key

Create a new stream on Castr

  1. In Castr Livestreams Dashboard, you can create a new stream or open an existing project

  2. Click Add Platform > choose Twitter

  3. Enter the Stream Server and Stream Key provided by Twitter > Create Platform

  4. You've finished adding Twitter as a new stream destination for your account. You can add more platforms for multistreaming live video to different sites at the same time.

If you need more help setting up a stream source from OBS Studio, check out this tutorial. For further assistant, please reach out to Castr 24/7 Support, we are always happy to help.

Note: You need to have access to Twitter Media Studio.

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