Redistribute your finished live streams with Castr's Cloud recording and Live-to-VOD features. Here's how you can select and save just a part of your stream recording:

  1. Broadcast a stream in your All in One project. How to create a new All in One stream

  2. After your livestream ends, go to the Live to VOD tab. Your stream is saved and stored under Cloud Recording for three days.

    Note: Live to VOD is available in All in One plans only.

  3. Click Save as VOD

  4. Here you can convert the entire recording or just a part of the stream to a VOD file > Select a range.

  5. Drag the sliders to crop the clip > Save as VOD

  6. Castr will export and save the video portion under the VOD (Video on Demand) section. The newly created file will also appear in your Video Hosting folder.

  7. After successfully converting your recording to a VOD file, you can get the Embed URL or iFrame snippet to place the video onto a website or download the file.

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