How to Connect ATEM Mini Pro to Castr

We’ll show you how to connect the ATEM Mini Pro to your All in One Streams and Multistream projects.

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The ATEM Mini Pro is a powerful tool for video switching and integrating with multiple game consoles. We’ll show you how to connect the ATEM Mini Pro to your live stream projects.

Step 1: Locate the ATEM Streaming XML file

Locate the file Streaming.xml location on your computer

  • In Mac it's located in: /Library/Application Support/Blackmagic Design/Switchers/

  • In Windows it's located in: C:\Program Files (x86)\Blackmagic Design\Blackmagic ATEM Switchers\ATEM Software Control\

Tip: Make a copy of your existing streaming.xml file.

Step 2: Download Castr Integrated ATEM Streaming XML file

Download Castr's ATEM Streaming XML and replace the Streaming.xml file from the following link -

Once downloaded, replace the Streaming.xml with the version which you downloaded, and this will have Castr as a streaming platform.

Step 3: Get the RTMP link and stream key in Castr

You will need the RTMP endpoint and stream key to connect the ATEM Mini Pro to Castr.

  1. Open or create a project in Castr. How to set up Castr

  2. On the right, under Stream Source Setup, you’ll see the stream key and RTMP link of your stream. Save them for later.

Step 4: Connect the ATEM Mini Pro to Castr

  1. Open the Black Magic Software Control program on your computer

  2. Click the Output tab > Live Stream > under Platform, select Castr (or the name that you input before).

  3. Refer to the settings below:

  • Platform: Castr

  • Server: Choose the server closest to you or choose Auto.

  • Key: [Your Castr stream key]

  • Quality: Streaming Medium (or any mode of your choice)

Click ON AIR. The ATEM will start pushing streams to Castr. You should be able to see the preview on your Castr dashboard immediately.

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