Connecting vMix to Castr

How to connect vMix to Castr using RTMP

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Note: Castr has not provide direct integration in vMix at this point. So the best way to connect these programs is by using the Custom RTMP Server option.

Step 1: Open your vMix. Download the latest version here

Step 2: Select the Stream settings

Step 3: In the Destination section, select Custom RTMP Server

Step 4: Log in to your Castr account. If you don’t have an account, create a new one here.

Step 5: Open your Livestream or Multistream project. Copy the RTMP URL and Streaming Key and past onto the vMix Streaming Settings.

Step 6: Click Save and Close.

Step 7: Make sure you have your Strict CBR and Keyframe Aligned checked in your setting

All set! Now you’re connected to vMix. You’ll see the preview in your Castr dashboard.

Note: If the preview doesn’t show up, click the Stream button again to start streaming.

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