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Troubleshoot - Connecting to custom RTMP
Troubleshoot - Connecting to custom RTMP

Cannot connect to custom RTMP from Castr? Read on!

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If you are trying to connecting to a custom RTMP but get stuck at "connecting" like this:

You can try the following:

  1. Try to add port :433 in your RTMP, for example:

Use rtmps://

Instead of rtmps://

2. Add // in front of your stream key, for example:

Your original stream key: dbweio234d

Your updated stream key: //dbweio234d

Depends on the services that you are trying to connect to, they may have different port for different purposes. So make sure you read the services' guideline or reach out to their support for more information. You can also chat with our 24/7 support team if you need more help.

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