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Creating a new multistream

1. Log in to your Castr account

2. If you don’t have any multistream projects created, click Create New > New Multistream

(Note: If you’re using the 7-day trial period, click Activate Trial)

3. Give your stream a name and choose the closest ingest location
For example, if you’re located in Brazil, then choose South America. If you’re located in Chicago, then choose US East

Then click Create Multistream. You’ll be directed to the multistream dashboard.

Adding publish destinations

Publish destinations are the platforms that you want to stream live on. The number of destinations you can add depends on your subscription plan.

1. In your multistream dashboard, click Add Platform

2. Choose your preference from the list. If your platform is not on our list, click Custom to add a platform using the RTMP or SRT addresses.


If you choose Continue With Facebook, you are connecting with Facebook using our API login method, which is recommended to use our Chat Overlay. If you choose Setup with Server/Key, you are connecting with the platform manually.

3. Click Save. To add another multistream platform, repeat these steps.

Connect your video source to Castr

There are 3 options to connect your video source to Castr:

  • Publish: Stream directly from your hardware/software encoder to Castr through RTMP and SRT entry points. To start, paste the RTMP URL and Streaming Key or the SRT URL to your encoder.

Check out our Encoder Settings tutorials and Recommend encoder settings for the best stream quality with Castr.

  • Pull: Castr can pull HLS, RTMP, RTSP, and MPEG-TS streams from other sources. Paste the URL in Pull mode, and your stream will appear in Castr.

  • Webcam: Use your device's webcam (video and audio) to start streaming immediately without setting up an encoder.

Getting the RTMP Pull or SRT Pull of your Multistream

Castr provides RTMP and SRT Pull links if you need to use Castr as a live video source. Simply click Get RTMP Pull or Get SRT Pull to have the URL saved to your clipboard.

Please note that Castr does not allow embedding RTMP Pull links in public players.

Chat overlay

You can sync chat messages from one or multiple platforms to Castr while multistreaming.

To use the chat overlay with Facebook Page, YouTube, and Twitch, you must add the platforms by logging in directly (API method) and not the custom RTMP method.

1. Connect the platforms you are multistreaming to, and toggle them ON

2. Go to Chat Overlay and click Generate Chat URL

Copy the URL to the browser plugin of your encoding software, or click Open Chat App to open a new chat browser.

(Note: Chat Overlay only works on Facebook Page, YouTube, and Twitch streams, and not Facebook Timeline.)

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