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Zoom Integration with Castr
Zoom Integration with Castr

Zoom Integration with Castr

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Yes, its completely possible to livestream your Zoom meetings and Webinars via Castr to your website + multiple social media platforms. 

You need to have a Zoom paid plan (Pro, Business, Education, or Enterprise account) to activate the Live Stream feature 

  1. Sign in to the Zoom web portal.

  2. Click Account Management > Account Settings.

  3. Under In Meeting (Advanced), click the toggle next to Allow live streaming the meetings.

  4. Click the Custom Live Streaming Service checkbox to enable it.

    5. Update the instructions so that the webinar organizer can configure the required           settings when they schedule the meeting.

This article will help you to start livestream further on how to set your meetings/webinar live.

Steps to be followed in Castr

  1. Copy the server and key 

  2. Click More button in the Zoom host controls

4. Choose Live on Custom Live Streaming Service, the below will show:

5. Enter these details which were copied -
   Stream URL - Castr Server url
   Stream Key  - Castr Streaming key  
   Live Streaming Page URL  -
  (Please note this shareable URL will not work within Castr) 

6. Click on Go Live!

7. Check your Castr Dashboard preview once connected

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