With Castr Pre-Recorded Video livestreaming, you can schedule and stream pre-recorded videos live to social media platforms on a set date and time.

Pre-recorded video streaming is available on all Castr's subscription plans. However, if you want to stream pre-recorded videos with an HTML5 player, make sure you are using our All in One streaming plans.

What is Adding Stream within Castr?

Besides the list of 30+ publish destinations, you can choose to add a stream within Castr as a destination for the pre-recorded stream. This feature helps you to:

  • Quickly switch to streaming pre-recorded videos using the same Multistream/All in One stream you have set up on Castr.

  • Use Castr Pre-recorded stream as the video source (instead of OBS) to stream pre-recorded videos.

  • Use Multistream's features (e.g Chat Overlay) and All in One stream's features (e.g embeddable player, paywall, chat, and reply) for pre-recorded video streaming.

How to add a stream within Castr as a destination for your Pre-recorded stream

If you are new to Castr Pre-recorded streaming, check out our step-by-step guide here.

After successfully uploading your video, you can start adding the stream destinations.

  • Add platform: Add the social media or streaming platforms you want.

  • Add stream within Castr: Choose an existing Multistream or All in One stream on Castr as a stream destination.

Note: Please avoid adding the same social platforms on the two streaming dashboards.

That's it! You are all set to go live on your website and social media for your pre-recorded stream.

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