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Troubleshooting for Facebook & YouTube
Troubleshooting for Facebook & YouTube

Troubleshoot Castr when streaming to Facebook and YouTube

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Cannot connect to Facebook?

If you receive the error like below when trying to add Facebook, it possibly means your Facebook Live feature has been restricted to Facebook.

To make sure it's the case, go to your Facebook, access Live Video feature and check if you receive this message:

In these cases, you will have to wait until the restriction is lifted.

How to delete and reconnect Facebook and YouTube

Now that you have access to your Castr dashboard connecting Facebook and YouTube is the next priority. But after, what should you do if the connection doesn’t go through? How can you remedy an error with your connections? 

  1. First off, let’s try deleting and re-adding each social platform. On your dashboard besides each social platform is a trash icon. Click to delete both so we can reconnect each platform. 

2. Next head add Facebook either through the ‘continue with facebook' /API option or the stream key and URL method. 

3. The first option is easy enough. But for the second option let’s dive a bit deeper. Head over to Facebook account/page you want to stream to. For this example, I’ll use a page instead of a personal account. Click the live option on the create menu. 

4. Once on your live producer page, head over to the stream key section. If your webcam is connecting to the Facebook video preview, switch over to use stream keys. Make sure to click on the persistent option (under Advanced settings), otherwise you’ll have to keep coming back to this page for the key. 

5. Grab both the URL and key from live producer page and make sure to keep your URL and key private. If other users get a hold of both, they can use it to stream from their computer. Go back to your dashboard, click add publish platform, pick Facebook and then the second method of connection. Then paste them both on the relevant sections.

6. You can follow the same steps for YouTube. You can find the URL and key by heading to YouTube and clicking go live. 

After all that, try testing a stream and see if the connection goes through. Sometimes
arise when you first start streaming. We’ll cover some basic troubleshooting here. 

If the connection doesn’t work using your first stream key, grabbing new ones is easy. 

For Facebook

Head over to the live producer page again. And hit reset to create a new stream key. 

For YouTube

In YouTube, go back to their live creator studio, go to the auto-generated key section, and create a new one. 

Copy both, set them aside, delete the platforms on your dashboard again, and use the new keys instead. 

Lastly, if you’re connected on both Facebook and YouTube with stream URLs and keys, stay on the Go Live pages for both of those social platforms. There’s a button which sends out your stream live to each social platform. 

If you are still facing issues, reach out to our 24/7 support. Happy streaming!

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