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Mobile / Tablet Livestreaming

How to connect and stream directly from your smart phones to Castr using the Larix broadcaster app.

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Here's how to go fully mobile with Castr by using a third-party app called Larix Broadcaster. Larix is free and you can find it on both the iOS store and the Google play store.

Connecting Larix on Android and Apple

  1. Head over to your Castr Dashboard and grab your Stream key and URL. Set it aside on a notepad on your phone.

2. Then go to the Larix Settings Menu, to New connection and create a new one. Name it or whatever name you fancy.

3. Then add the stream key and URL you copied from the Castr Dashboard. Combine them and add them to the URL section. Make sure to add a slash after the URL like so rtmp://

Once that’s done, hit record on the Larix app and the stream goes directly to your Dashboard.

Stream from iOS devices

For Apple products, you can follow the same steps above since Larix's IU layout is the same for both OSs.

  1. Grab your URL and key from the Castr dashboard. then enter the Larix connection menu and create a new connection. 

2. Combine your URL and key but make sure to add a slash after the URL segment. Like this: rtmp://

3. Save the connection then hit record on Larix, and the stream goes live on Castr. 

After you've set your connections, add the social platforms you want to stream to on Castr dashboard, and voila! You're now streaming with Castr on your phone.

Set up Your Video Settings on Larix

The nice thing about Larix is they have several different settings to play around with on their app. If you head over to settings, you'll see video and audio.

Depending on your internet speeds, adjusting for resolution and FPS is necessary. 1080p 30fps streaming requires a bit rate of 4000 minimum while 720p 30fps lets you stream with 2500 at the lowest.

Setting keyframe intervals to 2 secures your broadcast when simulcasting to sites like Youtube and Facebook.

Finally, if you feel like your WIFI isn't the most stable, they also offer adaptive bitrate streaming, which shifts your live feed to the appropriate resolution and bitrate.

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