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Castr Livestreaming API
Castr Livestreaming API

Live video streaming API for high quality streaming

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You can use our API for managing and creating streams directly from your streaming softwares / applications.ย 

Here is our API Documentation -
To get started with the API, generate the token from the dashboard.

Open Settings and click on API tab

Click on Create API Token and follow the the steps to get your AccessID and Secret Key.

Please note that we do not store secret keys, so it is crucial to save them in a secure location. You can only generate one token at a time. To generate a new token, you must first remove the existing token.

API can only be accessed from plans Premium and above.

Using the API, you can access most of the functionalities available in Castr. If you encounter use cases that are not covered in our documentation, please contact us, and we will address your needs.

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