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How to Enable Google Analytics in your Live Stream
How to Enable Google Analytics in your Live Stream

Track your livestream details by integrating Google Analytics with Castr Live Streaming player.

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When streaming with Castr's player, you can enable Google Analytics and get in-depth analytics of your stream.

Keep in mind that this integration is for tracking Castr's HTML5 player performance only, not for the social platforms that are linked to the stream.

How to Find Your Google Analytics ID

Before you can connect Castr with Google Analytics, you first need to retrieve the ID information of your Google Analytics account.

Here's how to find the Google Analytics ID:

  1. Sign in to your Google Analytics account

  2. At the bottom of the page, go to Admin settings

  3. Click on create and then select Property

  4. Fill up the fields and hit Next for all the stages

  5. Select Web as platform

  6. Now paste the URL of the player here, name the stream and hit Create Stream

  7. Copy the Measurement ID

If you need more help, check out Analytics' guidelines.

Enabling Google Analytics in Castr

  1. Create a new Live Stream

  2. Go to the Settings tab > Player Functions

  3. Toggle Google Analytics to ON

  4. Paste your Google Analytics ID (GA ID) and Save

Once saved, Google Analytics will be integrated into your player embed, and you will be able to see your stream details in your Google Analytics account.

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