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Multistream RTSP IP Cameras Using Castr
Multistream RTSP IP Cameras Using Castr

Castr supports RTSP ingest, you can stream RTSP to multiple platforms or to custom RTMP destination.

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Using Pull feature in Castr you can ingest multiple protocols such as RTSP, HLS, MpegTS, RTMP and more.

Follow these steps to multistream RTSP based IP Cameras:

  1. Use port forwarding technique and get the RTSP URL for your IP Camera

  2. Create a new stream in Castr

  3. In the stream page change the mode from Publish to Pull

  4. Paste the RTSP URL to source URL field and click on Save

  5. Castr will connect to RTSP and if connection is successful you will be able to see the IP Camera stream live on Castr.

If you need any help setting up, then hit us up via live chat. 

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