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Connect and Stream to Facebook Using Server and Key from Castr
Connect and Stream to Facebook Using Server and Key from Castr

Set up Facebook RTMPS live using Castr. You can stream live to Facebook RTMPS and other platforms simultaneously.

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The Facebook stream key is essential for connecting your Facebook account or Facebook Page to Castr for livestreaming. Follow the following step-by-step guide to find the Facebook Stream URL and Server Stream Key.

1. Open Facebook Live Producer or click the Live Video button on the Facebook homepage

2. In the Live Producer page, choose the Use Stream Key option in the Get Started panel

3. In the Live Stream Setup panel, you can find the Server URL and Stream Key

Note: Toggle on Use a Persistent Stream Key if you want to reuse the stream key for your future streams.

4. Save your Facebook server URL and stream key or persistent stream key for multistreaming.

4. Under Post, click the dropdown bar and choose Post to a Page that you manage.

6. Once at Castr, click Add Platform, select Facebook Live and copy/paste the Facebook server URL and stream key.

  • Facebook Server URL = Streaming Server

  • Facebook Stream Name/Key = Streaming Key


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