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Connecting OBS To Castr and Recommended Settings
Connecting OBS To Castr and Recommended Settings

How to connect OBS Streaming software to and recommended settings

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How to Connect OBS to Castr?

Follow the below steps to connect OBS to Castr:

  1. Copy the RTMP Stream Key from Castr's dashboard. If you want to use the SRT ingest, please follow this blog.

  2. Open OBS

  3. Go to the Settings Menu > Stream

  4. From the Service dropdown, click Show all and choose

  5. Choose the Server Location that is the closest to you

  6. Paste your stream key and click OK

  7. Close the Settings page, click Start streaming and you are good to go live. 

Recommended Settings

Are you streaming to YouTube and Facebook? Does the stream seem laggy or are you getting an error like “Not enough data being sent”. Or “multiples of data being sent”? If yes, then you’re running into an easily fixable issue. Here we’ll learn about the standard settings for OBS to maintain smooth streaming.

  1. On OBS, open your settings menu and choose Output option in the left sidebar

  2. And change the Output Mode to "Advanced"

  3. Refer the image below and make the necessary changes

Make sure to set the following:

  1. Encoder is x264

  2. Rate control set to CBR

  3. Keyframe is set to 2

  4. Then any audio tracks you have set to a 128 bitrate

Bitrates and resolutions

You can change resolutions and frame rates on the video section of the settings menu.

Base resolutions are the native resolution which is captured by OBS when you use your desktop as the video source. It’s suggested that you set your output resolution to the standard 16:9 settings. Like 1920x1080, 1280x720, and 854x480.

Each resolution with a specific fps limit requires different bitrates. The setting is found back on the same menu as the other settings.

For 720p:
a) 30fps = 2500 – 4000
b) 60fps = 3500 – 5000

For 1080p:
a) 30fps = 3500 – 5000
b) 60fps = 5000 – 6500

Some users may experience issues with FHD 1080p streaming. In these cases we suggest reverting back to the 720p settings.

If you are still facing issues, please contact us via live chat. 

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