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How to Setup Paywall for Video Hosting Files
How to Setup Paywall for Video Hosting Files

A step-by-step tutorial on how to enable Pay-per-view monetization for a video file in Castr's Video Hosting.

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Hosting videos on Castr makes it easy for you to bring VOD content to your audiences with OTT streaming and an HTML5 player.

Now, you can take it to the next level with Castr Paywall for Video Hosting files. Here's how to set up monetization for a video file on Castr using the pay-per-view model.

Enabling Pay-per-view Monetization for VOD Content

Paywall is only applied for video folders in Video Hosting. Once Paywall is enabled, your subscriber can access any video in the folder.

Important note: You need a Stripe account to connect with Castr Paywall and receive payment.

Follow these steps to turn on Paywall for a VOD folder:

1. Go to the Video Hosting tab to view your folders. Check out this article to see how to get started with Video Hosting on Castr.

2. Choose a folder that you want to monetize, then go to the Paywall tab

3. Connect with your Stripe account

4. Choose a payment type, currency and a subscription pricing, then click Activate Paywall

When Paywall is enabled, Castr will give you the URL to the protected Player Page for your viewers to sign up for an account and access the stream.


  • You can update new pricing for the files anytime on Castr. However, any previously paid viewer can still access the stream without being notified.

  • If you need a temporary link for your viewers, go to the Generate temporary access link section. Castr will provide a temporary link with an expiration time and date for you.

  • Once the currency is set for the paywall, it cannot be changed

Learn more about Paywall:

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