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Chat Overlay – Supported Chat Integration
Chat Overlay – Supported Chat Integration

How to use Chat Overlay in your Multistream dashboard. The platforms Castr Chat can integrate with.

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You can sync chat messages from one or multiple platforms with Castr while multistreaming.

After the stream is live, the viewers' comments will show in one overlay window. However, Chat overlay is for viewing purposes only and does not support replying to comments.

To use the chat overlay with Facebook Page, YouTube, and Twitch, you must add the platforms using API (login method) and not the custom RTMP method.

How to use Chat Overlay

1. Connect the platforms you are multistreaming to, and toggle them ON

2. Go to Chat Overlay and click Generate Chat URL

Copy the URL to the browser plugin of your encoding software, or click Open Chat App to open a new chat browser.

Note: Chat Overlay only works on Facebook Page, YouTube, Twitch streams, and not Facebook Timeline.

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