Multistream (Simulcast)

Our Multistream plans let you stream to multiple social platforms at the same time (including Custom RTMP servers). You can choose from more than 30 social platforms and custom destinations, with real-time toggling to go live on these destinations.

In terms of features, the multistream plans also offer unlimited cloud recording for your stream (up to 72 hours and stored for 3 days) and Pre-recorded streaming.

To see how to set up a new multistream project on Castr, check out this article.

All in One

Castr's All in One plans offer an embed player URL/iframe code to go live anywhere you'd like.

Using the HTML5 player, you can embed the live stream on your website. From the All in One Premium plan onward, you also get the HLS URL of your stream, which you can use in the Mobile App, Roku App, etc.

Note: Each All in One plan comes with dedicated bandwidth for streaming on the player. To estimate the best plan for your needs, use our Bandwidth Calculator.

You will get all the features included in our Multistream plans, along with many other features like Video Hosting, Adaptive Bitrate Streaming (ABR), Paywall, Advertising, Low latency streaming, and more.

To see the complete list of features and our live stream plans, go to our Pricing: If you still need help, our 24/7 support will answer any questions you have.

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